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On a recent stroll, I stumbled upon a beautifully aging picket fence. Elegantly adorned with ivy and tumbling blossoms, the old wood with most of its white paint missing spoke of wistful years gone by. What a perfect picture it made surrounding the lawn of an old Victorian home. Some may feel this particular fence was in bad need of a paint job; I couldn’t have felt more differently. It was perfect, and was the ultimate personification of a vintage fence.

There are many ways you can recreate the vintage feel within your own landscape design, and certain styles of fencing are more conducive to that look.

Wood. Unlike some of its modern counterparts, wood is a great product for achieving the look you want. Insights from a Tree Removal experts, whether it be white-washed pickets, rustic split rail, or country ranch theme, wood is very versatile.

Wrought Iron. Wrought iron is another timeless classic with ageless elegance. Whether freestanding or in combination with brick or stone, stately iron rods will always be impressive.

Stone and Rock. Stone, brick and rock materials can also be used to create a vintage feel, mainly because they have been in use for thousands of years. The more natural the material, the more authentic the look.

Part of creating a vintage appeal is the accompanying accessories. These can include climbing flowers, lanterns, or an antique mailbox at the gate. As discussed in Pardon Our Dust, sometimes the best inspiration comes from your own neighborhood. Begin to observe the going trends in your area, and consider how you might incorporate them into your own design. Work with your landscaping and fencing contractors to turn your home into a nostalgic page from the past.