Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. is the secondary pipe and tube division of Yarbrough Sales Co. We were founded by the late Harold Yarbrough, a man that after 15+ years in the steel industry decided to start a service center in the small bootheel of Missouri town of Sikeston.

In 1975 he did just that and we have been goin’ and growin’ ever since. Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. has become a one stop shop for your agricultural pipe fencing needs. Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. came about as Will Yarbrough, founder Harold’s son, traveled around the country team roping and getting to know ranchers and cowboys from all over these United States.

It took him a while to catch on, but, he finally noticed that many of these folks were getting tired of replacing and repairing their barb wire and hi-tensile fence and were looking for a more permanent, trouble free, safer, and just plain better looking alternitive for there livestock fencing needs. That’s where the steel background came into play, and the rest as they say is history.