Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. Bull Gates - Livestock Gates

Here at Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. helping you build a pipe fence to accommodate your needs is our business. Here's the thing about a pipe fence it's just like a chain that goes around your livestock. Like any other chain, it is only as buy cialis online str

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ong as it's weakest link. That's why when you go out and spend the time and money to build you a good lookin', durable, lifelong pipe fence, PLEASE! Don't go hanging a flimsy gate on it. Again, I said PLEASE! I would suspect the last thing you want on your good looking pipe fence is some agricultural department stores version of a livestock gate saggin' in a years time and bending like a tin can when your cattle come up and breath on it.

Never fear folks Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. has got the cure ... The Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. BULL GATE!!! Our Bull Gates are so stout they'll hold back a bull ram even if

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it says Dodge on the grill, well, let's not get carried away, but, you get the idea. They are the perfect link to fill those gaps in your fence that you plan on travelin' through from time to time. Our fence pipe is strong enough to last you a life time, and, our bull gates will be there for you every bit as long. From the heavy 3/8" Chain and notched catch, to the 3/8 inch plate hinges, these gates mean business. Those heavy plates and the coped and welded construction insure that when hung from the proper pipe fence post, your great grandchildren won't have to worry about fixing a sagging gate. They are constructed from 1-5/8" OD sch 40 pipe, and thats just the beginning.

Each joint in the entire gate is coped and welded inside the frame work. This produces a flat gate that is infinitely superior in strength and durability to those pinched end or tacked-on livestock gates you see at the department stores. Come check'em out I promise you will be impressed, and when you see how affordable they are you will be amazed. Give us a call today, we'll get you on the fast track to taking loose animals off of your things to worry about list.