Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. Heavy Duty Pipe Cattle Guards

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Well folks, Winter is again upon us. Soon the drizzle and snow will be melting and running down your windshield as you pull up to that old rusty gate that allows you passage into your pasture. Now, I have been there, right where you are. That truck cab is toasty and warm and it's miserable out there at that gate. Now is the time to prevent such a situation with a heavy duty cattle guard from Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. Our cattle guards are the best in the business, they are heavily constructed so you can cross them with a 4 wheeler or a loaded

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tractor/trailer. Our cattle guards help hold back livestock while letting you come and go as you please, without the aggrivation of stopping and opening or closing a gate. You won't believe the convenience and time these cattle guards afford you. Then by next year when your putting up your first hay cutting you'll be so proud of your cattle guards on those many trips you have to make across them with your loader/tractor. In short, if you are into saving

time and money, give us a call here at Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. If not, don't forget to bundle up.

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