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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is secondary pipe and tubing?

Pipe and Tubing typically comes in either primary and secondary grades. Primary will usually be pressure tested and have certifications that state the amount of pressure that they can hold and are used for gas, water, oil, etc. lines. Secondary may have a few flaws and will not have certifications, but, is an excellent source of affordable pipe for fencing and most structural applications.

Q: Do you guys handle oil stem pipe?

We do handle it on an order by order basis. We strongly urge our customers to go with new secondary as opposed to used oil stem. The reasons being that old oil stem comes in a wide variety of grades and you typically don't know what your getting until you get it. Cost is usually close between the two, and what if any you lose in material, you will typically make up for in installation labor. Oil stem can be difficult to work with and cost you hours more in labor than working with new secondary. In addition, your new secondary makes for a much cleaner finished product.

Q: Do You Ship?

Anywhere in the Continental US.