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Steel pipe has long been the most sought after material for livestock fencing across the country.  The primary problem ranchers and farmers run into when putting up a pipe fence is cost.  That is where we here at Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. come in.  We scour the globe, working with mills, distributors and processors to bring you the best pipe fence products at the lowest cost possible.  We buy in mass quantity so that we can deliver to you a quality product at an extremely reduced price. 

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Whether you want a beefy 7" OD (Outside Diameter) Post or a more economical 2" OD post, we take pride in carrying fence pipe from the upper end of the reject and secondary spectrum.  What this means to you is that if you buy it from us, you can know that it will be of superior quality.  Occasionally, we do pick up some great deals on some used fence pipe.  Now, used fence pipe is something we typically steer away from, so, if we have it on our yard, you can rest assured we have verified that it is of exceptional quality.  Nobody wants to deal with inconsistent worn out material when they are trying to install a quality pipe fence. 

At Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co. we are on your side, so we want to deliver to you the most for your hard earned money.  If you are looking to put up a steel pipe fence, please just give us a call and we'll save you some money.