September Overstock Fence Pipe Specials

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Howdy folks,

Cowboy Pipe and Tube Company is running a little long on a few sizes of fence pipe and would like to offer a few deals on some  awesome sizes that would make for a killer pipe fence.  To start with, we offer

a 2"OD .180wall x 24'.  This pipe can make for a tremendous fence all by its self.  By that I mean it can be used as post and runners.  When properly installed it would take a heck of a mad bull to twist it.  That pipe is on sale for $1.25 per foot. 

Secondly, We offer another outstanding size for heavy runners (the pipe that runs the length of the fence).  This fence pipe has a 1-3/4" OD with a .180 wall and comes in 20' lengths.  As far as fence pipe goes I honestly don't know of a better deal than this out there anywhere, at .84/ft this won't last long.  This pipe looks great with the above mentioned 2" OD and builds a very tough yet economical pipe fence.

Lastly, I have some random lenth 2-7/8" OD sch 40 pipe.  This can make a very nice upper mid-grade post or an extra-heavy runner, and at $2.26/ft should be cheap enough you won't have to sell the stock to build the pipe fence.  It just ain't no fun when you spend all 'ur money to buy the wallet.

Anyway, these are some of the great deals going on here at Cowboy Pipe and Tube Co., but, don't waste time because supplys are limited on these sizes and once there gone, there gone at these prices.

Fence Pipe, Pipe Fence

Yall have a great day,


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